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What's The Big Deal About Terrariums?

We love. love . love working with terrariums! Contrary to popular beliefs, terrariums can be used in every genre of design. They are perfect for light, airy, minimalist weddings and events but can also be used to bring texture and style to the most upscale and elegant weddings.

Terrariums create a unique clean line that draw attention to details. For our Botanical couples, terrariums are often used as centerpieces to showcase natural elements such as moss or succulents for an understated design. They are extremely cost effective and a great way to add interest to any table without breaking the bank on blooms.

Lovely blooms can also be used to style a terrarium for a more classic look. Fewer blooms are needed in terrariums and when combined with moss or greenery the look is huge but the cost is not! Because they are enclosed, they make great parting favors for guests or as table markers

Here we used large terrariums to house candles at the base of the arbor. We were able to use lots of shape and texture to showcase our terrariums for this outdoor event at Hidden Valley Farms in Clyde.

Our terrariums come in all shapes and sizes. I love the look of the glass with moss and twinkle lights added for a more subtle effect. if you love the look of Terrariums but aren't sure if they will work with your wedding style, give us a call! We will gladly make suggestions and work with your ideas to create a look that is unique to you.

Please select the link to view more terrarium ideas for your wedding or event.

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