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Understanding The Cascade!

Cascading bouquets have long been a favorite in the wedding industry. Cascading bouquets can be anything from a few pieces of trailing greenery to a bouquet that runs the full length of your gown.

A light cascade, as in the photo above, will offer just enough trailing greenery to cover the exposed stems from your bouquet.

A more traditional cascade- will offer a longer trail of greenery and light florals with the bulk of the bouquet in the upright position.

A full Cascade - also known as the waterfall cascade, offers smaller blooms up top and an even distribution of florals throughout the cascade.

There are many variations with regards, to length and width so make sure that you give your florist a clear vision of what you are looking for. Please view the article below for more information and inspiration on cascading bouquets - Happy Wedding Planning! #cascadeingbouquet, #cascade ,#weddingstyle, #weddingbouquet, #mckenziebotanicals

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