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Stunning Style for Your Ceremony Space

We love the idea of a big beautiful ceremony. The ceremony site is where all the magic happens. The ceremony space is where you choose to seal the deal as husband and wife or life partners. It will be the first look for your family and friends and the ceremony space sets the tone for the entire event. A recent trend that we absolutely love are gorgeous floral arrangements lining the seating aisles. Lavish florals lining the aisle are a real eye catcher. These lush statement pieces can later be repurposed to be used at the reception, placed in the bridal suite or transferred to guest rooms as a special thank you for parents or the wedding party.

Often, clients think of the ceremony space as short lived as guest quickly move on to the reception after the vows are taken. I encourage my clients to repurpose and get the full value of their flowers. This concept is great for our Micro wedding clients as well. Contact us today for your wedding consultation. We'd love to hear your ideas!

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