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Planning Ahead!

Never underestimate the importance of planning ahead! I have reviewed four bridal inquires this week for fall of next year. Most couples understand that venues, caterers and DJ's book up quickly and so do florists! Here are some things you might not know. Farms have a limited supply of flowers, Once a couple book their event, we contact our farm friends to see who will be producing the flowers we need and the estimated cost. The florist has to pre-book your flowers to ensure that they will be available on your wedding day.

Once your flowers are booked we have a limited amount of time to make changes. Hence the 30 day review. At your review the florist will ask for the final guest count , table count, and bridal party count. The order is then confirmed with the farm and the flowers are scheduled to be shipped. Most flowers are being shipped from Ecuador, Central America, Holland or California. So, from field , to box, to florist can take up to two weeks. Always plan ahead to ensure that you get the flowers you want on your special day.

Florists do book up and rather quickly. Here in Western North Carolina, Fall is a very popular time for weddings! We were booked every weekend in October & November 2021! Yay!! That being said, I hate to say no! I wish I could take every wedding that comes across my email but we can only book 2 weddings and 2 elopements per weekend. We do this to insure that each couple gets the attention to detail that they need. We also want our staff to be standing at the end of each day!!

Fall is a beautiful time of year. Over the years trends have changed and some have even resurfaced. Orange, yellow and red are no longer the sure fast standard for fall colors. There are muted fall tones that incorporate neutrals and preserved flowers. There is romantic fall that used pale pinks and ivory with a robust plum or burgundy accent. Jewel tones are trending this year with bold and bright fall colors that bring in rustic blues and grays. Planning a wedding is a lot of work but it can be a lot of fun when you give yourself plenty of time to consider your options. Call for your consultation today. We work hard to give you wedding flowers that you will remember!

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