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Ideas for Your Outdoor Event

Spring has sprung and everyone wants to be out and about after another cold winter. Outdoor weddings and events are amazing! Wester North Carolina has so many unique outdoor venue options . As a wedding designer, I like to pass good ideas along; some things I've learned through the years and some new concepts that are brilliant.

Stay hydrated! This goes for staff and guests alike and there are many ways to style your event with that in mind. Consider water stations at your aisle entrance. Style them out with a couples label and a matching ribbon tie. Easy, beautiful, memorable and necessary! Your guests and staff will thank you.

If you know the temps are going to be high, consider a customized fan at each seat. No-one wants to sweat at a wedding but it can happen and it doesn't take much. We offer hand carved wooden fans, or decorative paper fans to add fun and function for your outdoor nuptials. I like to use streaming ribbon tied in a love knot on the handle, the ribbon looks awesome in photos and the fans are great for heat and unwanted pests like gnats! Your guests can keep them as a favor to use throughout the evening.

There is no greater beauty than nature herself. Outdoor events create a space of wonderment and connection. They provide beautiful backdrops and compliment any color. If you're considering an outdoor event or venue space, check out the link below for more great ideas. Happy Planning!

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