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How to Pick Your Wedding Florist

I ran across this article in Martha Stewart Magazine and wanted to share.

Flowers on average should cost roughly 10% of your total wedding budget. That is the industry standard. The best way to calculate for flowers is to add up all the initial costs, venue, catering, cake, dresses, DJ, ETC, and figure 10% of the overall budget for flowers. If you're at $30, 000 expect to spend about $3,000 in florals for your event.

It's important to know your budget before you choose your florist. Once you know your budget , Do your research. You want to find a florist whose design style is in line with your vision. A good florist should be able to work within your budget. Check their gallery. Make sure that the photos posted on their website are actual weddings that they have designed and not stock photos.

Once you find a florist that you like and feel confident working with, give them all the details. A florists job is to convey the mood and theme of your event. The flowers and colors will ultimately tie the theme of your event together. If you are on a tight budget, avoid high end novelty flowers such as peony, lily of the valley, and gardenia. If you want novelty flowers ask your designer to use them only in your bouquet rather than throughout the entire event. Most novelty flowers are expensive and due to their delicate nature, often do not last as long as other flowers. Flowers such as Dahlia, Peony, and Gardenia tend to wilt and shed the more they are handled.

Most florist do not include all the details in the estimate. It is not hard to find a florist who can do the work cheaper, but a less expensive florist isn't necessarily the best florist for the job. If your florist is engaged with your vision, offering suggestions or ideas that you like, they probably understand your vision and will be able to produce the look you want for your event. Ask questions!

For more advise on choosing your florist - check out the link below. Happy Planning!

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