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Don't Over - Complicate it - Do Enjoy it!

Planning a wedding involves lots of moving pieces and parts. Venue, food, guest accommodations, flowers and entertainment but wait there's the dress photographer and more! The attached article gives a great description of how to know when it's getting too complicated. Most couples have an idea of what they want their wedding day to look like and that is a great starting point. From there - it's all process of elimination.

As florists we work with all people at all different points in their lives, all budgets and all special requests. Some are complicated, like finding Lily of the Valley in August! For the most part I find that couples are seeking to accomplish an overall , general look, style or vibe that will say who they are as a couple.

Communication is key! I have my couples send over inspiration photos. I want to know what they like about the photos, is it the colors, a specific flower, the texture, the shape? As with anything else, florists are limited to what is available in their region. Shipping flowers has made it somewhat easier to ensure a particular flower, however shipping costs will be a factor when selecting flowers that are not in season. It's also important that you trust and understand your vendor. Ask questions! If your favorite flower is not available substitutions will need to be made so give your florist some options. Boxing your vendors into something they cannot produce will only lead to disappointment for you both.

When choosing a wedding florist, make sure they understand your vision. If they do, the suggestions and information they offer will be in line with your vision. Make sure you have given them enough information to understand your goals. It's just as important to tell your florist what you don't like as it is to tell them what you do like.

I suggest that couples make a list of what they value most about each aspect of their event. For example, if you are choosing a venue for space but they don't offer seated meals - you may want to consider a good caterer rather than discarding the venue all together. Having a list of firm priorities will help you to navigate the process and avoid overwhelm. Happy planning! #weddingflowers, #weddingplanning, #weddings, #weddingvendors, #weddingbliss, #mckenziebotanicals

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