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Don't Forget to Pack!!

So, I'm not really a love guru...although I do love to talk about all things romantic. I was really inspired by this well written article in ...You guessed it - Martha Stewart Magazine. I work with all brides, grooms & budgets so I understand that weddings can be busy, stressful and time consuming. I really like the way this author casually sums up the steps for preparing for what comes after the wedding. The Honeymoon!!

Honeymoon, newlyweds, married couple

I can't say to couples enough how important it is to take time to begin your lives together! Even if you are old friends or high school sweet hearts. This is the beginning of the rest of your lives together. I know, I know...Life is busy and it's hard to get away..Boy do I know! All the more reason to go for it!

Yeah...It's a wedding tent!

No matter how extravagant or short but sweet your honeymoon may be, I would urge all couples to take at least a long weekend together. Write it into the budget. You are worth it!

Take time to enjoy each other - And that's my two cents worth.

Tina McKenzie - McKenzie Botanicals- Maggie Valley, NC.

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