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Bridesmaids Made Easy

Each aspect of your wedding comes with some expense. We look for creative ways to help keep our clients on budget for their event. Two heavy hitters in the wedding budget are bridesmaids bouquets and table centerpieces. The greater the number of bridesmaids, the greater the expense, same thing with number of tables to be decorated.

The challenge for your florist is to make sure that all of your wedding florals match the scope and scale of your overall event. One of the biggest mistakes most couples make in budgeting for their event is choosing the right venue for your style. The first cuts to salvage a budget usually involve centerpieces and bridesmaids.

It's important to remember that your wedding party - bridesmaids will be in 80% of your wedding photos while table decorations lend to the mood and vibe of your wedding theme, they won't be in the majority of your photos.

I found the following article to be very helpful when considering how to choose bouquets for your bridal party. Enjoy!

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