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Amazing Summer Color Pallets That Will Inspire You!

Choosing colors for your summer wedding may be easier than you think. With blue skies, green grass, and plenty of sunshine, almost any color you choose will dazzle your guests and brighten your venue. When I think of summer I think of bold blues, berries, and bright pinks. Navy and gold have been trending in recent months and even copper, gold, and orange! When it comes to planning your summer wedding the sky is the limit! Here are a few of our favorite summer weddings. We love to work with couples who have a unique vision for their wedding. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to click on the link below for more inspiring color pallets from Martha Stewart.

Dusty Mauve and light pink! For this couple the flowers tell the story. Soft mauves, pinks, whites and ivory - Yes Please!

Fuchsia, pink , burgundy and mauve! These bold combinations make a beautiful display any time of year.

Purple, blue, violet and peach - with botanicals and natural moss - We just love this combination!

Hot pink, golden yellow and blue - There is no way these eye catching colors will go unnoticed at your event!

Build your event around the colors that inspire you, make you feel happy, elevate your mood, Your florist will be able to guide you and offer suggestions that will wow you and your guests!

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