Choose Your Wedding Flowers Wisely

We all love those big, lusciosos blooms on the cover of bridal magazines right? Of course we do they're Gorgeous!!

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There are a few things you should be aware of when ordering flowers:

#1 Out of season flowers: Not all flowers, as seen in Pinterest and in various publications are available year round. Your import flowers may be more expensive, they will be shipped in from across the globe and will need extra care and extra time to hydrate.

#2 While all flowers are beautiful, not all flowers are practical. For example - if you are getting married in Florida, I wouldn't choose Hydrangea. The heat is unbearable for Hydrangea. We have a huge Dahlia season here in Western North Carolina. Sadly Dahlias have a hollow stem that makes them prone to breakage, the petals tend to shatter very easily, and because ot the size and weight of the flower they often "lose their heads" during the design process or worse, while being handled by the bridal party.

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#3 Give your florist time to find what you are looking for. We love our elopement couples, but even elopements require some planning for your florist. We buy direct from the farms most of the time. Our local wholesalers often don't have the product or as with all imports charge more for novelty items. Whether you have one bouquet or twenty, give your florist no less than a two week lead time.


Here are a few other flowers you may want to avoid using in your wedding bouquet. Enjoy!

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