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Hoop-There it is!!

We love engaging with couples who are looking for something a little different. Not only does it give us a chance to think outside the Vase, we get to know and work with clients who are open to new ideas. The hoop has been around for a while. They make for beautiful backdrops and hanging installation pieces. Why not carry them as bouquets? They easily slide over the arm making them easier to carry (hands free). They are versatile and they photograph extremely well.

#hoopbouquets, #bouquetalternative, #weddingflowers

Photographer Andrew May did an excellent job capturing the unique elegance of this hoop design from a wedding we designed last year at The Ridge Asheville.

In terms of versatility, the sky is the limit. We are often asked if the bridesmaids bouquets can double as table decor for the ceremony - in this case, the hoops could be placed on tables with candles, they could be hung behind the bridal party or over the cake table as well. Another idea might be to hang them on the banquet tables or above the bar. The possibilities are endless!

Check out the link below for more ideas on hoop design. Let us know if we can help!

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