Love Endures All Things - Even The Coronavirus.

It's hard to know what changes we will endure during these difficult times. Many public gathering places across the country have closed or have limited entry. At this point, most of our spring couples are holding tight and waiting to see what happens.

Last week I posted on Facebook with regards to how farms and flower shipments are being affected by (COVID-19). Basically they are asking for a 4 week lead time on wedding and event orders. I suspect some tropical flowers coming out of Asia as well as some dutch flowers coming through the U.K. may have delays. Fortunately, most of our flowers come via U.S. farms in Oregon and California. Local farms will play a pivotal role this year for our wedding clients, which works for us because our priority is to buy local whenever and wherever possible!

Locally sourced flowers, fresh seasonal flowers, local flowers

Locally Sourced Flowers

What I loved about the Facebook Post - was a response I got from a former wedding client.

"Sandra - I'd even suggest if someone is getting married they just need to have their event a different way. Cut down the guest list, keep the decorations and make a fabulous video of the wedding. When you guys did our elopement with Sabrina Green doing the video the effect was magical. We've viewed it over with different small family groups just because of logistics of getting everyone together. Change up where the decor goes, change up how you meet with the ones you want to share your experience with and don't wait a day longer than you have to for starting your life together!"

Don't wait to start your life together, just made so much sense to us! There may be some more affected than others by the virus such as the elderly or extremely young, and to those folks I say don't take chances. But, to our couples I say - If you are willing to make a few changes, don't let your plans stay on hold for the unforeseeable future- begin your lives and face the future together. Just as flowers endure the long harsh winters, we too will bloom where we are planted.

We are offering alternate dates, Officiant Referrals, Hair , Makeup , Venue and Lodging referrals to those in need of ideas due to the (COVID-19) setbacks. To our sweet bride Sandra, we say thank you, for helping us to remember that Love truly does endure all things!

Yellowhouse wedding, Elopement, Waynesville wedding

Our sweet April Couple from last year.

spring wedding, Spring wedding flowers, spring elopement

Don't wait for your happily ever after to begin. We wish you and yours every happiness.

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