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Planning an Outdoor Wedding?

Spring is just around the corner, and nothing says spring like a beautiful garden wedding, the colors are amazing, new life is all around, the weather is fantastic and the scent of blossoms fill the air.

Spring is fresh and lively with all the anticipation of summer. Some of our favorite flowers start to show during this time as well. You may see Helleborus, tulips, hyacinth, lilac or even dogwood blooms.

Color plays a pivotal roll in wedding photos. Spring color pallets are limitless. Whether you choose soft pastel linens combined with vibrant jewel tones, or muted pastels with natural ivory and foliage, garden weddings offer so many options and extras for the creative couple.

Do you prefer muted ......

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or vibrant?

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Walls can sometimes be limiting. open spaces provide freedom, movement and lots of ideas for play. Lawn games for your guests during cocktail hour, fun signature drinks, decorated arbors, and hanging installations are all on the table for spring garden weddings. We carry a wide array of Arbors, hanging votives an lanterns as well as french fans, and unique containers for your wedding florals. If you are considering an outdoor venue, give us a call for a free consultation. We would love to hear your ideas and share with you some of ours! Western North Carolina has some of the world's most beautiful outdoor venues. Home to The Biltmore Estate, and dozens of scenic views, quaint B&B's and rustic chic farm venues.

Let us help plan your perfect day. Click on the link below for more ideas on garden weddings. Enjoy!


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