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The Buy Local 2020 Card is Here!

Go Local, Buy Local, Support Local Business

Why do we participate in the Go Local Program? That's Simple, We love our locals! We at McKenzie Botanicals realize that our support comes from our locals. This is one way we get to give back to our community. The Go Local Card offers discounts and promotions for hundreds of businesses in Asheville and surrounding areas. Not only do you get discounts and special offers from local businesses like mine. Purchasing the card raises money for local schools! The philosophy is brilliant, and everyone benefits. We love that!

Our contribution this year is a complimentary Toss Bouquet! With Tiny Weddings, Micro Weddings and Elopements on the rise we wanted to offer something with real value to our wedding couples. The Toss Bouquet is a $45.00 value, it can be used for the bride, an attendant, table decor or as a gift to someone special!

To learn more about the Go Local Movement or to purchase a card, visit the link below!

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