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Go Big & Go Bold

Too often we shrink from our own fantasies about wearing the shirt that is to loud, Carrying the purse that is to big, or wearing the lipstick (that we love) but may make us look a bit to fancy.

Well I hope that's not the case on your wedding day! First of all, if you love it - then you will wear it well. Put the flowers in your hair, break out the fuschia lipstick, & rock those shiny heels! You were made for this moment & it's your turn to shine!

I say these things not just because I have a tacky shoe fetish, I'm serious! Not all weddings have to be white, Color evokes emotions & passion. Color can inspire calm, soothing vibes or fantastically, fun & outrageous energy! Color also photographs well. Choose a color pallet that works for you. Your guests will feel more relaxed and welcomed the more of yourself that you put into it.

Here are some of my favorite Big , Bold, Weddings! Have fun planning your wedding and always be true to you! There are examples of some great color pallets in the link below. Enjoy!

#boldwedding, #boldweddingheadpiece, #vintagewedding

If Vintage is what you love then go for it. From her head to her toes, this bride rocked the vintage look.

#weddingcolors, #boldweddingcolor, #weddingstyle

Sir Elton John - eat your heart out, Loving the matching glasses and bow tie!

#weddingvibe, #bohostyle, #rockyourwedding

We just love the dress, and no doubt this brides vibe is coming through with her signature hat and jewelry!

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