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Our ultimate goal is to capture the style and personality of each client. We do this by listening intently, scheduling meetings on location and exchanging ideas that pertain to their vision.

Not every couple knows the names of all the flowers. We know this! A great deal of care goes into styling an event with florals. Mood boards and inspiration photos are a few of the tools we use to get to know our destination couples. As experts in the field we guide our clients with three objectives in mind.

Style - If your favorite flower is a gerber daisy then your probably not looking for edgy romantic florals. You are probably leaning more towards bright, cheerful, wildflowers and would fit into a more traditional or garden styled event. On the other hand, if you are over the moon about Garden roses, Astilbe and Peony you probably don't want yellow daisies in your bouquet either.

A florist should know how to direct their clients to flowers and containers that will fit their style and their budget.That being said...

Budget- Budget is most important. If I have a bride who wants a Peony bouquet and has 200 guests with a $600 budget, I have my work cut out for me! This is why florist often require an idea of how much each couple intends to spend on flowers. As a general rule the industry standard for florals is 10% of your TOTAL wedding budget - meaning, venue, dress, favors, invitations etc. We choose to be extremely transparent about pricing. Peony have been known to retail for $20.00 per stem out of season! Understanding each couples need and knowing the budget up front can help avoid sticker shock when the estimate goes out.

Personality - Yes, we want to know our clients. Not only does it help us to design your dream wedding but it makes you a part of that design which translates to your guests. A wedding isn't something you do for others. Your wedding is something you share with others and it's important that your personality shows in the event. It will be evident in photos, tone, and the entire vibe of your wedding day.

Have fun, relax, and trust your vendors. Make sure you understand the team you are working with and that they understand you. Email is great but reaching out by phone should happen at least once during the planning phase to make sure your florist has a clear idea of what you want.

Thank you to our couples, to our fellow vendors and to organizations like The Knot, and Weddingwire who continue to lead the industry in innovation, and all the tools we need for success!

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