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Wedding Centerpieces as Favors!

Wedding centerpieces that double as favors are one of the many ways to cut wedding expenses. Let's face it, EVERYONE is on a budget whether that budget is $500.00 or $5000.00! We have come up with some exciting ways to use your wedding centerpieces to decorate your reception table and go home with your guests as favors. Here are some of our personal favorites. You may also want to click on the link below for more ideas.

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Tablescapes make beautiful and practical centerpieces. Not only are they unique, they are also guest friendly, they do not block your guests during conversation or take up much space on the table and yet they really stand out. in the photo above the pots could be painted to match your color pallet or customized with the wedding date. The best part is - your guest can take them home! The single succulent in clay can be purchased for $4.00 to $8.00 each. Not only will they beautifully decorate your table and set the mood you won't need to spend additional monies on favors. Let's face it - No one needs 200 succulents after the wedding.

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Another favorite is loosely scattered vintage bottles with single blooms. Notice how there are a few larger centerpieces surrounded by matching individual blooms, It costs a lot less but still fills the table by disbursing the color and the theme throughout the space. Each guest can then grab a vase as a thank you favor and they serve a dual purpose. You can even add a vintage paper tag to the bottle with your guest name or a table number.

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And finally, of you want a lush look, Go bigger! Many guests ask about the flowers. It may cost more to go big, but for a smaller guest list and no additional cost for favors, you may decide to splurge!

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