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Reception Centerpieces How To Pick The Right Type For You!

Reception centerpieces can often be the bulk of your wedding budget. Finding the right centerpiece to suit a budget can often be a challenge. If you are following us on Facebook then you know that we do our best to educate our clients on how to plan for their weddings. Just to recap, Here are a few basics about choosing flowers for your wedding.

1. Plan on dedicating 10% of your total wedding budget on flowers.

2. Reception centerpieces can be costly if you have a larger guest list

3. Flower processing, Labor, Set Up, and Shipping all factor into the cost of your flowers

4. Artistic Design factors into the cost of your flowers (Dollar General or Nordstroms)

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One of the biggest misconceptions that I see in the bridal industry is couples who think that greenery is a cheap alternative to flowers. Yes and No. As with any art you are paying for a look, a design aesthetic, Working with greenery is beautiful but not necessarily cost effective. It has to do with several factors.

1. Supply and demand. Trendy foliage like Willow Eucalyptus, Seeded Eucalyptus, Olive Branch, and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus have all gone up in price, but the size of the bunch 5 to 10 stems has not increased. It takes many bunches of greenery to make a stunning presentation. Whereas A few large focal flowers such as Hydrangeas, Peony or even Sunflowers can make a statement with as few as three large blooms.

2. Import Fees. Items like Olive Branch, Smilax, and Premium Eucalyptus often have to be shipped in. which means adding $3.00 to $5.00 per bunch to recover shipping costs.

3. Labor and Production. Many couples love the look of Garland lining their tables as centerpieces. The ideas that it's greenery and not flowers leads couples to believe that it should cost less. This is a huge misconception. Full, thick, fluffy garland can take hours to produce. Garland is typically hand bound and uses multiple types of foliage to create texture and depth. Hand bound garland is priced by the sq. ft. and can be one of the most expensive options for table centerpieces.

4. Quality of Design. Yes, just as a Picaso cost more than something from a craft show, a seasoned professional designer will cost more. They will be using tools, techniques, and design skills to give you the look that you see in designer magazines. They will consider their work to be unique, and skillfully crafted, they will have a keen eye for detail, put a great deal of thought and care into your florals and have an eye for quality which means they will most likely have labor costs and fees for the work they do.

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That being said, Be upfront with your wedding designer about your budget. A good designer can give you the look and feel you desire by making suggestions that are in line with your budgetary needs. However be prepared, that you won't get a Maserati with a used Ford budget.

Here is what happens when you decide to let an artist work their magic. You may be surprised at what they can come up with!!

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