Wild About Foraging

Why Wild Forage? That's easy, because we have a wealth of naturally occuring flora and fauna that are indigenous to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Just to mention a few are Wild Yam, Chicory, and Queen Ann's Lace.

Wild Yam, Natural herbs, Wild foraged flowers

In addition to it's medicinal uses , Wild Yam's vine tendrils and soft green leaves make a lovely addition to any arbor, bridal bouquet or trailing design, Wild Yam grows in abundance in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It is easy to harvest and preserve.

Chicory also grows in abundance here. The toot is often ground and added to coffee for its warm nutty flavor. The brilliant purple blooms of the Chicory plant add color, texture and interest tg any bouquet.

Chicory root, chicory flower, wild foraged flowers

Wild Mountain Blossoms are a favorite at our shop!

Wild Queen Ann's Lace, Wildflower wedding , Wild foraged wedding flowers

Queen Ann's Lace is a darling in the floral community. Not only does it make an excellent floral filler, it's delicate lacey clusters make it perfect for wedding bouquets. Queen Ann's Lace can be found growing wild in the WNC region.

We are fortunate enough to live in an area with an abundance of natural wild flowers and medicinal herbs. Al with a wild range of natural beauty and heartily abundant. Don't be surprised to find one of these unique natural wild flowers in your wedding design or floral bouquet!

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