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Today's Couples Have Choices!

Now more than ever in the floral industry couples have choices! We love the mix match concept that we are seeing in floral design. There are multiple styles and options that allow the modern couple to really tie in elements of their personalities. Years ago in Charleston South Carolina, I started to notice this wonderful trend in the industry. I would have brides that wanted a soft blue / grey color pallet and the grooms would say - I want pheasant feathers, to represent my favorite pastime of gaming. I would say, "Why not have both"! The result was a happy couple with a very unique wedding theme and style.

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Over the years, I began to offer hints and suggestions for couples who wanted something of their personalities in their wedding, Something more than just "pretty flowers".

Now, for example, If I have a bride who loves mountain wildflowers and her partner is a cigar aficionado, I get to combine their interests by providing rentals to compliment their flowers. Among other items, we rent vintage cigar boxes to use as risers at the reception with beautiful vases of wildflowers to sit on top. The end game is WIN, WIN! They get an eclectic look that brings their personalities into their event and I get to be creative, which is where I thrive.

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Back in the day there was pretty much a round bouquet or a cascade. Now even bridal bouquets can be anything that your mind can imagine. One of my favorite design styles is the Arm Bouquet. It shows all the lushness and beauty of each stem as opposed to all the flowers clustered in a tight ball. The arm bouquet really allows a person to see the full beauty of the flowers. I was over the moon when I saw that an article was published about the arm bouquet. Here is a photo of an Arm Bouquet we did last year with photographer Mark Robertson and Couture Designer Angela Kim. I love the interest that the arm bouquet brings to these photos. Arm Bouquets are also a great look for the minimalist bride, and surprise, surprise they are quite affordable! Here's what Martha has to say about it!

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