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No Such Thing as Wedding Flowers!

I just read an engaging article in which the author indicated that many traditional florists get stuck in a rut by suggesting the same wedding flowers over and over again. What? Is there such a thing as a wedding flower? We think not. The days of the fab three ( Roses, Hydrangea, & Peony) just got interesting! Finally! Don't get me wrong, I still love roses, hydrangea and Peony, however I'm crazy about tucking clusters of blackberry and viburnum in there. Timeless elegance will never go out of style but today's brides and grooms are making it their own. I have had any number of requests for wedding bouquets from adding feathers, to succulents and wait for it - even metal art!

Inspiration wedding Photo, Traditional Bouquet, Wedding bouquet

This weekend's wedding is a classic. Soft pink and white petals, traditional white satin wrapped stems. This is an example of timeless elegance, in a traditional genre. I am in love with the dusty rose color pallet and soft hues, It is perfect for an early spring wedding and our bride Danielle is simply going to rock this look!

wedding inspiration, Bohemian wedding, Boho-Chic style

Last weekend's wedding inspiration tells a very different story. This unconventional Boho -Chic design combines spring flowers like ranunculus and snap dragons with tropicals like Anthurium and Protea Combinations that would have been frowned upon 20 years ago in the wedding industry. But Just Look how gorgeous! Designing is about a lot more than just flowers, Its about balance, texture and color. Couples today are daring to be different and for a wedding and event designer that equals a bounty of creativity.

Fall Wedding , Cascading bouquet, Rustic- Chic Wedding

Here, photographer April Booher artfully captures the detail of this design. The depth, the texture, the color and the shape all worked together for our beautiful bride Jillian last fall at Laurel Ridge Country Club. The key to wedding design is to listen intently to what your client says and doesn't say. Pay attention to their style of dress, their personality, There skin tone and color choices. Their hobbies and career choices can be clues as well. My goal as a designer is to create and design wedding florals that are unique to my couples. A preconceived notion of what wedding flowers may or may not be will not only limit my creativity, but it will limit my clients choices as well. Here's what Martha has to say about it!

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