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Wedding Inspiration!

We are certainly inspired by Spring. The first burst of color after a long, winter has my designer senses going wild. I'm pretty sure our engaged couples have the same feeling after viewing their inspiration photos! Our next wedding of the season is in April. Baring any set backs from COVID-!9. For me, Spring is such a wondrous time for a wedding. Everything in nature is waking up from a long nap. The birds are chirping and the days are longer, things seem new and full of possibility. It seems like the perfect time to start a life together. It's understandable why our spring couples seem to gravitate toward color and natural elements. Perhaps, it's the call of the wild or our playful inner child, at any rate "spring fever" is in full swing and we look forward to producing some awesome wedding florals this year.

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Many inspiration pictures are taken from Pinterest. Inspiration Photos, give us a window into our couples personalities. Inspiration photos help us to see what inspires our wedding clients. Out of many photos I ask each couple to pick their top three and send them to me via email. and then I begin the process of analytics. If all the bouquets have color, I can tell that they love color, If all of the bouquets are small , then I can tell that the bride doesn't want to be overwhelmed by flowers.

wedding flowers, wedding inspiration, Boho-bride

As designers we look for what motivates our wedding couples. I look for what each photo has in common. Are they all the same shape? Do they all have a recurring color or theme? As you see this bride chose two inspiration photos that both have the tones of orange, coral, and salmon. She also picked two top photos that show flowers in the hair. I'm not surprised at all that she has ordered flowers to pin in her hair! With so many couples choosing Western North Carolina as a destination wedding location, coupled with the fact that lives are busy and most people use technology to communicate. We now need to find multiple ways to know and understand our clients. While Pinterest can be overwhelming to some, it can be a wealth of ideas to others. Our goal is always to literally extract the elements that inspire our clients from their inspiration photos and custom curate their own unique design. We listen with our eyes, we listen with our ears, and we use our hands to build the wedding of your dreams! Send us your inspiration photos today at

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