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New Wedding Rentals This Spring & Fall!

We are committed to providing our wedding clients with new and interesting concept pieces for the weddings and events. That's why I am so excited to be working with a talented and skilled wood crafter who will be building three new arbors for us this year!

In addition to bringing on new lanterns and hanging illuminations, we will be adding new Arbors & Anchor Pieces!

One such Item is a Chuppah!

Dictionary result for chuppah



  1. a canopy beneath which Jewish marriage ceremonies are performed.

Huppah Rental, Rustic Huppah, Arbors, Arches and wedding props

I'd like to create some variation of this image from a wedding in Aspen Colorado. I love the natural look and I think the rustic appear would be perfect for WNC. Naturally we will use locally sourced and sustainable products to build with so our will most likely be made of birch!

Another must have item for us this year will be the wedding TeePee! I haven't decided if I want to build or reach out to one of the many talented Native American artists. We are only 20 minutes from Cherokee! I like this version and may use it as our prototype if I built myself.

wedding teepee, Unique Wedding rentals, Boho- Chic wedding rental

Inspired by this teepee image from a wedding in Vancouver, I would love to create a thicker Teepee with and wrap it with am antique tobacco tie quilt that has been with me for years! We also have a number of Vintage oriental rugs that can be used to accent or as aisle runners!

I love the notion of couples who begin their lives together sharing their faith and their values. We will also bring on a cross this year. Adorned in flowers and greenery The decorated cross represents the mystery of a man leaving his father and mother and cleaving unto his wife.

Wedding Cross, Cross Rental, Standing Cross image

Each year my daughter and I walk Lake Junaluska at Easter. Of course, she has done the egg hunt near the historical chapel but I always find myself admiring the Easter Cross and all the beautiful flowers that have been placed there. This photo is the inspiration for my cross although a have a few more decorative elements in mind for ours!

Finally, We will be bringing on new hanging installations. Larger natural elements with showstopping bright florals are what I want to introduce, Minimalist theory is that less is more. I want to give our clients options. They may not want to rent or purchase 20 of an item, however , we have found that a few bold items make a large statement! Light Installations & hanging elements are very much on trend this year and we will be sure to have something quality and fun to work with. Those should arrive in March!!

Onward and upward, I am always on the lookout for unique items that will give our clients more and more options for their wedding and event rentals. No matter your style or faith, If you are looking for something unique for your wedding, give use a call at (828)-356-5598.

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