We Grow Our Own!

One of our passions is to provide the freshest possible local flowers. We love the beauty that is produced from the earth and the variety that it yields. As part of the Farmer -Florist Collective, we grow a small batch of organic flowers. Our old growth blooms include - Organic Lilac from Oregon, PeeGee Hydrangea, Lambs ear, and California Spray roses!

Each Spring we source directly from our garden, tulips of the Holland variety, Local Jonquils, Allium, and Hyacinth. We choose organic varieties and use a microbial based soil that we produce and cultivate here in Western North Carolina. I find that these varieties grow thicker and fuller than the greenhouse varieties and because of their Heirloom quality they produce a richer fragrance and honey for the bees. In essence, We choose to work with flowers that have not been altered from their natural state. We work with true color varieties rather than those that have been hybridized and cross bred to produce new colors or stem length.

In addition to our flowers, we prefer to work with native plant varieties, Don't be surprised to find wild ferns or laurel in your bouquet! Wild spray roses and garden roses are another favorite in the spring and summer months.

Sedum and Maple are also readily available and frequently used in our designs. Our goal is to created floral art, as rich and organic as those who appreciate it! This year we will be bringing on more herbs and berries for texture. In addition there will be Kale, Columbine, Zinnias, Cosmos, Bachelor buttons and Forget-me Nots. We hope that you will enjoy the local experience that is the heart of our floral & event designs. We appreciate our local farmers that produce more specialized items like local Dahlias and Blooming Branches too! Working with our local vendors is a huge part of how we Share the gifts of nature with our clients.

We look forward to working with you throughout the year to provide a local, organic and unique floral experience for you and those you love!

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