How to Use Color in Your Wedding!

So, last year brought us edgey violets and greys. smoky blues and eggplant. Personally, I will never grow tired of working with those colors! This year looks really promising too! As a designer I can't say enough about choices. Diversity=Creativity! Trends are great as long as they are constantly changing. I love new, different, and Colorful, I love pushing the limits of color. Pushing limits is how I thrive when it comes to creative design. Let's look at some fun ways to use color in your wedding or event .The main idea is to make it POP!

color combinations, Wedding Color Pallet, Pinterest Image

Color Doesn't always have to be bold, it can be softened with neutral accents like, ivory, copper, bronze, silver, or even green any earth tone that occurs in nature can be used to anchor bold colors. Even blue , the color of the ocean and sky can be used as an anchor! See how the colors pop against these gowns?

Gold Color Pallet, Wedding colors., Pinterest Image

In this photo, I the yellow is really the buffer and the gold is the anchor. If you're having a hard time choosing color, seriously, pull up a color wheel and pick three that work well together. Your filler flowers will always be a shade lighter or darker than the colors you pick, that is what gives them magic. It's all about the contrast and the anchor colors.

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Here grey is the anchor, fuschia is the buffer and green is the accent, three is the magic number. Color is your friend and shows up beautifully in photos. Even muted colors shine against a perfect backdrop. The trick is to not let our colors get lost or make them compete to be seen.

muted wedding pallet, Bridal bouquet, Pinterest Image

In the above photo the designer uses the dark green leaf and silver, grey eucalyptus to help the muted colors pop. Without the contrast these colors would bleed together. Colors are a personal preference. Whether you are light and bright, jewel tone, or soft and muted, a good designer will help you choose the right filler and greenery to accent your choices and make them really stand out in your photos. Don't be afraid to go wild with color!

Crazy Cool Wedding Colors, Pinterest Image

One of my favorites from this year is pictured below. Here I used Ivory as the anchor, blush as the accent and merlot as the buffer. Be sure to click on the link below for more color selections and a sneak peak at 2019's most popular color choices.

Fall wedding colors, Fall color Pallet, McKenzie Botanicals Floral & Event Design

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