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Elopement Packages or Ala Carte

We try to make the planning of your wedding as easy and fun as possible. By offering a variety of styles and pricing, we give our brides and grooms the option of add ons and detailed custom work all in the same package. In other words the answer is Yes! What's the Question?!

In addition to florals we offer arbor rentals, backdrops, overhead installations and vintage items. From dinnerware, to linen, barn tables to lanterns - we do our best to give our couples options that will work for any genre or style.

Love is love, Wedding florals, same sex marriage

Mark Robertson of Simple I-do's is the Pop-Up Wedding Guru- for inclusive elopement packages!

Vintage Rentals ad a special touch to any occasion!

With Stephanie Hensley Photography & Angela Kim Couture

Did I mention we include photography packages? That's three things off the list! Flowers, Rentals, & photography...but that's not all, we work with several great officiants, bakers, and hair and makeup artists too!

Vintage Rentals, Wedding venues, wedding Flowers, photography

With Photographer Stephanie Hensley at The Yellow House, Dress by Angela Kim Couture

I often get asked if there is a way to preserve the bouquet. I know there are drying products on the market but they rarely capture the color and integrity of the natural flower. No worries! Sabrina Greene - Rusk does an excellent job of capturing and maintaining the integrity of your bouquets. This amazing photographer and artist turns each bouquet into a lasting work of art!

Wedding bouquet portrait, Photography and flowers, Weddings wnc

Sabrina captures natural beauty on film as well as through digital art. & this gal is as brilliant as her paintings!

Wedding Photography, Wedding Flowers, Wedding Venues

With Sabrina Greene Rusk Photography at The Willow House and Social Barn

Let us help create memories that will last a life time for you and your spouse or for any occasion. Contact us directly or send your inspiration photos to

Wedding & Elopement Packages

How it Works

  1. Choose your package

  2. choose your style

  3. choose your Add on

Go Basic - $125.00

  • Couple provides color choice only

  • Bridal Bouquet – (included)

  • Boutonniere – (included)

Upgrade - $175.00

  • Couple chooses color (pick 2),

  • focal flower (subject to availability),

  • ribbon or embellishment such as feathers, lace, rhinestones, pearl accents

Deluxe - $250.00

  • Couple chooses color pallet

  • Specialty flowers (pick 3)

  • Embellishments

  • Cake Flowers (Included)

  • Toss Bouquet (Included)

Styles and Genres

  • Traditional - European handheld Round and full soft flowers and tones tight with little to no greenery – (No addition charge for this style)

Traditional round bouquet, Classic wedding bouquet, bouquet style

Hand Gathered – Stems exposed, more upright, natural bouquet –(no additional charge for this style.)

Garden Gathered bouquet, Bouquet styles, natural bouquet, hand gathered bouquet

  • Boho Style ($50.00 Up Charge) - Loose, airy, Linear, hand tied with loose ribbon, vibrant colors, Linear Shape, Natural upscale greenery

Boho bridal Bouquet, Bohemian Bridal Bouquet, Lenier Bridal Bouquet

Botanical ($50.00 up charge)- Typically cascading or arm bouquet style with flowing greenery, herbs

& pale floral hues mostly green and white with natural elements

Modern / Rustic ($75.00 Up Charge) - Unusual shapes and varieties - play on color and texture

Modern Bridal Bouquet, Textured Bridal Bouquet,

Arm Bouquet, long flowing bouquet of flowers with stems exposed , Pageant style bouquet ($50.00 up charge for this style)

With Mark Robertson of Simple I-do's at Maple Grove

Cascading Bouquet - flowing greenery and flowers , length of the bouquet is extended to include trailing greenery and vines ($ 75.00 up charge )

Package Pricing

I Do:

Basic: $125.00, Upgrade: $175.00, Deluxe, $225.00


  • Bridal Bouquet

  • Boutonniere

To Have & To Hold

Basic: $595.00, Upgrade: $995.00, Deluxe: $1295.00


  • Bridal Bouquet

  • Boutonniere (Groom)

  • Flower girl basket with petals or halo

  • (3) Bridesmaids - Nosegay Style

  • (3) Groomsmen - Boutonniere

  • (2) Mother's corsages

  • (2) Father's Boutonnieres

Happily Ever After

Basic: $1295.00, Upgrade:, $1695.00, Deluxe; $1995.00


  • Bridal Bouquet

  • Boutonniere (Groom)

  • Flower Girl Basket or Halo

  • Ring Bearer

  • Rental Arch or Backdrop

  • (3) Bridesmaids

  • (3) Groomsmen - Boutonniere

  • (2) Mother's corsages

  • (2) Father's Boutonnieres

  • Two Large Floral centerpieces


  • Bridal Bouquet $100 & up

  • Nosegay Bouquet $65.00 & up

  • Tussie Mussie Bouquet $45.00 & Up

  • Boutonniere $15 & up

  • Pin on Corsage $25.00 & up

  • Wrist Corsage $35.00 & up

  • Clutch Pin on $35.00 & up

  • Floral Halo $45.00 & up

  • Bag of Petals $20.00 & up

  • Basket with Petals &40.00 & up

  • Lantern Rental $12.00 & Up (includes L.E.D. candles)

  • Alter Arrangements (Ceremony) $75.00 & up

  • Floral Centerpieces (Reception) $25.00 & up

  • Floral Wreaths $85.00 & up

  • Decorated Arches $125.00 & up

  • Hanging Installations $75.00 & up

  • Backdrops $225.00 & up

  • Props & Rentals - Ask

  • Gift Baskets - $55.00 & Up

  • Keepsake Package All Silk Flowers - $250.00 & up

Floral Disclaimer:

Many of our flowers are locally & regionally sourced, seasonal and subject to availability. Imported flowers are limited to availability, size, color & variety depending on the region, climate & season.

We do our best to accommodate all requests but we have no control over Mother Nature.

Rentals and Arches are available on a first come first served basis.

Delivery Fees & Return Service for an additional fee of $155.00.

Rental Policy:

  • All rentals must be returned in the condition they are rented in. Free of wax, stains, scratches or damage.

  • All rentals must be returned the following business day. A $50.00 fee will be charged per day until the item is returned.

  • Lost or Stolen items will be replaced at retail cost, at the renters’ expense.

  • All Renters must provide a credit card to cover damaged or lost items.

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