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Winter Wedding Ideas - Our Favorite Picks!

There are so many treasures to be found for the winter wedding season from twinkling lights, glitter and gold, to soft blues and grays, or rustic wooded favorites like wintergreens and berries. Let's explore some of my holiday favorites and how to incorporate them into your wedding decor!

There is something magical about twinkle during the winter months. I find that woking with lights can be upscale and even more manageable when they are contained. One of my personal favorites are fairy lights. They are small, they are versatile and easy to work with. We keep them available year round. They really show nicely in clear glass. I found this photo with Cloche and fell in love. We stock both of these items in my shop.

Winter reception idea, Winter wonderland, Winter Wedding ideas

I love the soft blue and gray tones of winter. One of my top picks for greenery is lambs ear or dusty miller, combined with scottish thistle or white stock is a Winter Wonderland Bouquet in the making.

Winter Bouquet of blues and grays, Scottish Thistle, Lambs Ear

I love the use of scottish thistle and Lambs ear with Anemone and Ranunculus!

White Stock, Winter flower pick, fragrant flower

What I love about white stock is that it's soft, fragrant and available year round.

Winter Wedding, Winter wedding reception, Pinecones as wedding decor

Found this image and fell in love. This is original, eye catching and cost effective. I may have used red berries for a burst of color or some twinkle lights in one of the cylinder vases but that's just me - I'm a fan of color! What a cool idea to use pine cones as place holders!

Winter Berries, Ilex berries, Holiday berries

Finally, Bring on the berries. I must have berries of some sort. Ilex berry also known as Winter Berry is one of my favorites. They do shed a bit and can get messy if not kept after which is why we often use them contained in cylinder vases, but like the red cardinal, they are stunning. Other fun winter berries include Boronia, Hypericum, Privet and Pepperberry as shown below.

Pepperberry, holiday berries, winter berries

The sky is the limit when it comes to tailoring your winter wedding to fit the look you want. Here are some holiday centerpieces that will inspire from Martha's picks! Happy Holidays and Happy Wedding planning!

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