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Choosing The Right Centerpiece

Choosing the right centerpiece for your wedding reception can be challenging so we have put together some general guidelines that we thought might be helpful. First choose the style of your design based on the shape of your table.

When using round tables I recommend these three styles which seem to work in any space. First you CAN use height! Tall centerpieces create a dramatic and dynamic effect in any reception space. They are extremely visible to the guest, they fill the room with color and texture and they create the illusion of a full / luxurious space. Raised centerpieces also free up space on the table for candles, stemware, and favors without overcrowding or blocking the view of your guests. They set the tone of your celebration and if you have a larger guest list, can be a considerable part of your budget - so they simply must be gorgeous!

Raised centerpiece, Tall Centerpiece, Reception flowers

Our second Favorite Round table centerpiece is - The mounded tight and compact. These centerpieces can be flat or slightly raised. They are typically bold blocks of color with slight greenery or they can be soft and light for a more botanical feel. They tend to be neatly designed in the shape of the table and compact so that they do not overwhelm the space.

Round centerpiece, compact centerpiece, reception flowers

Following the shape of the table often creates a fuller more consistent look. Pieces may also be alternated to create movement in the room. For example many couples choose to place raised arrangements at every other table and use lanterns or traditional rounds on the tables in between. Our final example showcases both lanterns with simple greenery and groupings.

lantern centerpiece, table wreath, round table centerpiece

For a lighter look you may choose a water element, like floating candles in clear glass. Another very cost effective and popular look is groupings of three. This allows the couple to diversify the range of color and texture to create a more organic look. Plants and flowers can be combined to create interest.

botanical centerpiece, plant centerpiece, natural centerpiece
bud vase centerpieces, Grouped centerpieces, centerpiece collection

For banquet style, Rectangular tables, and square tables we often design Table Scapes. Table scapes are a patterned design that often run the length of the table. Any combination of items can be used to create a table scape. They often act as table runners, kept narrow and uniform. They can be anything from simple greenery and candles to lush hand-tied garland. They can be designed overhead or on the table and accommodate a wide range of styles and price points. Here are a few of our favorites!

full floral garland, garland table scape, Lush garland centerpiece

$$$$$ but worth every penny for this wildly romantic hand tied floral garland!

high, low centerpiece collection, tablescape, receptionflowers

This super chic table scape , illustrates the concept perfectly. Here they combine High, mid, and low range elements to create a scape with plenty of movement, texture and sleek style. Here color blocking was also used to create a dramatic effect. This technique works well for the modern, elegant couple.

simple greenery centerpiece, repurposed flowers, banquet table decor

The above photo illustrates the power of color. Here the couple chose a simple greenery runner, they re-purposed the bridal bouquets to be used as table decor and the bold color, against the emerald green foliage created a brilliant and budget friendly table scape for this banquet table.

Live centerpices, live tablescape, Succulent table centerpice

Finally, Do you! If flowers aren't your thing create a plant scape. They make wonderful favors for your guests to take home. Get creative, have the pots monogrammed with your wedding date or initials. A floral expert will help you stay on budget and get the wedding you've always dreamed of! Best to you both.

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