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Where Do You Want Your Flowers Donated?

So many of wedding couples are destination weddings that we began donating their flowers to local churches and nursing centers. Even our local brides and grooms don't always want 12 to 20 floral arrangements to bring home. The other challenge is that most containers are rented so that the money goes into their flowers rather than a container. For this reason we don't send all those flowers home with our wedding clients, we typically donate. After years of seeing so many beautiful wedding flowers go in the trash,I decided that as the business owner I would choose to donate them so that others could enjoy their beauty. We offer our clients the choice of where they would like their flowers donated!

fall wedding bouquet, cascading wedding bouquet, local fall Dahlia

One of our favorite October weddings at Laurel Ridge Country Club & Event Center yielded such beautiful flowers, that donation was a no brainer. The bride had such creative ideas and requested local fruit and berries be used in her table centerpieces to reflect the bounty of the fall season. We used local apples from Barber's Orchard and Fruit Stand. Jane at Barber's Orchard was gracious enough to save us a whole box of smaller apples in mixed colors for a beautiful combination of reds, golds, greens and rust colors.

Bridal Bouquet, fall bridal bouquet, cascading bridal bouquet

In this case we donated to Maggie Valley Rehab and Nursing Facility in Maggie Valley. The Dinning Hall was already set in fall colors and the centerpieces completed the room for the residents. I called once to make sure the arrangements were holding up for them and they said they still looked good. So I returned after a week to pick up the containers and this is what I found.....

donated bridal flowers, week old bridal flowers, fruit centerpieces, fall centerpieces

Jillian and her husband William are both locals. They both contribute so much to our community and I am sure they would be happy to know that their wedding florals brought smiles to so many faces. I was shocked to find these arrangements looking almost as good as the day we dropped them off!

We take great care of our flowers. I was trained that care begins with the bucket you place the flowers in. We are careful to use clean buckets, keep foliage and leaves above the water line and we treat the water as well as each individual stem before use. It really does make all the difference in how long the flowers will last. If you choose McKenzie Botanicals for your wedding or event and you can't take the flowers with you, please let us know where you would like your flowers donated. Whether a church, a retirement or nursing facility or a school for teachers who could probably use a little sunshine, you can be sure we will get them there for you. My dear photographer friend Sabrina Green -Rusk helps me make sure our flowers get to people who will enjoy them. After all our mission as a company is to share the gifts of nature. Congratulations Billy and Jillian! Your wedding flowers went to a good home.

donation flowers, donated wedding flowers

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