To Rent or Not to Rent - That is The Question!

Renting items for your wedding or event is a great way to get the look and feel you want at a fraction of the price! We love the theatrical side of offering rentals to our clients. It gives us a chance to further advance and play on their themes as well as the chance to bring the look together by shopping!!!

Farm table Rental, Tuscan themed wedding, Wedding rentals and staging

(Above) Farm table draped in satin with Italian candle sticks, Tuscan place settings, Italian crafted latices back chairs, vintage linen and Italian porcelain floral boat with Tuscan style fresh florals,

In addition to creating an authentic look, renting allows our clients the stress free, hassle free ability to help design the look with out the time consuming effort of finding every piece and paying full price for it. Large Asian rugs work great for use as an aisle runner, dance floor or carpet for a bland space.

We understand that no one really wants 22 of the same table cloth, or 44 of the same vase. For this reason we carry a wide selection of styles and options to meet each clients needs. The best part is, if we don't have it - we will shop for it!! From furnishings, to linen, from place settings to rugs from hanging lanterns to arches, we are glad to offer the convenience of rentals and flowers and even photography to our wedding and event guests.

Vintage Bird Cage Rental, Rug Rentals, Wedding rentals

If you are looking for something clever to capture your envelopes and cards? We have just the thing and it makes a wonderful statement piece. 3 ft tall.

Bird Cage Rental, wedding props and wedding rentals

Rental Platters, rental dishes, rental place settings, rental trays

Whatever your style, consider renting. Ask about our rentals for Staging and Photography packages. You pick the spot and we will provide the backdrop, props and flowers to inspire your creativity. Engagement packages, Vow Renewal Packages, Wedding Packages and Holiday Packages are now available!

Wedding photo shoot, vintage rental chair, photo and staging package

Book your Photo Package or staging for your next event today! Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for our clients all while having fun and loving what we do!

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