Time Honored Traditions!

In today's fast paced wedding industry, Many professionals are finding that tradition is falling by the wayside. Most of us have a standard set of questions we ask brides and grooms to make sure we cover all the content of our crafts. It's also a way to make sure all aspects of the event have been considered and that nothing was overlooked.

Years ago everyone seemed shocked to see wedding cakes were out and cupcake towers were in! Now it's donut stations or pies. What used to seem strange is now the norm. Following wedding trends today is a bit like an episode of Project Runway - As with fashion the same is true of the wedding industry..."One Day You're In and the next, you're out!" - Heidi Klum

Not all traditions have to be traditional - Get creative! Olive branch Boutonnieres - with the olives!

If you would have told my grandmother that she was not going to wear a corsage at my wedding...Well let's just say that it would have been the equivalent of having a Southern Barbecue without sweet tea!

Here's my take on it. Traditions have a purpose. They can also be a lot of fun! Flowers for the family, such as corsages and boutonnieres are not just extras. They are a way to identify family members. They are a way to open communication between new family members or friends who have not met your family or may not know who is with who. Finally, they do represent the time honored tradition of holding family members in esteem.

I can assure you - there would be no way my grandmother was going to feel like a stranger at her granddaughter's wedding. In Fact the larger the corsage the better! I guess that's a southern thing.

It's OK to break with some of the more formal traditions. Many couples are opting to elope, have a small Pop up wedding with 10 guests or less. Formal church weddings are no longer the norm but not every tradition should go. Read what Martha has to say about it..Enjoy!


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