Sharing The Gifts of Nature

It's really quite personal and not just a slogan for me. Growing up the only child of a sometimes single parent left little time for big outings or events. Mom was often at work and I was often left to my own devices. There was an fairly nice sized pond behind the community where we lived, at that time in DeLand Florida. The old guy who had the property never complained about me taking the paddle boat out. Looking back I was no more that 7 or 8 years old. I had never had a swimming lesson. Crazy right! On a boat in the middle of a pond by myself, no parents in sight, possibly a few alligators or poisonous snakes though. But all I remember are the dragonflies and the flowers!

Flat Laurel Creek Trail , Inspired by nature,

Flat Laurel Creek Trail hike 8/26/18 - Psalm 23:2 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul;.....

Local artisans, hand built pottery, Custom gifts

Custom Tile crafted by Ansie Holman -Budde

We lived in a small quiet neighborhood, lots of retired older people but very few kids my age. I was a latch key kid. It wasn't illegal in those days. People had to work and kids had to fend for themselves. I became best friends with the dragonflies and the butterflies. I used to watch eagerly waiting to see a fish jump out of the water to catch a fly. I watched for hours as the dragonflies sped by chasing each other from one spot to the next.That was entertainment! Better than television or cell phones. Life was adventure then, every day was different than the last.

wild flower, Mountain thistle, native flowers

Wild Mountain Thistle - Flat Laurel Creek hike

At that time, I didn't know about pollination and cross pollination. I only knew that the butterflies and the bumble bee were drawn to the flowers. I remember noticing all the different flowers and colors how differently they were shaped and how pretty they all were.

Hand crafted pottery, Red Poppy Flower, gifts, McKenzie Botanicals

Hand Crafted Red Poppy Garden Stake - Ansie Holman- Budde - (Potter)

I think I always knew that these beautiful things, the flowers, the trees, the pond, the butterflies were also creatively and lovingly hand crafted. I imagine by someone joyful, filled with kindness and a playful spirit. I guess I always knew they were created to inspire and be shared, to bring joy into the lives of those who took notice of them, those who had time to see them. I had nothing but time then.

Wild Gumphrena, wildflowers WNC Native flowers


Wild Queen Ann's Lace, WNC Wildflowers, wild foraged

Queen Ann's Lace

Wild Gentiana, Mountain Wild flowers, WNC Flowers

Wild Gentiana

Nature is so wonderfully self sustaining. Through it's own cycle of osmosis plants produce the oxygen we need, natural filtration for the earth, food and nutrients for new life and growth. I feel so privileged to share the gifts of nature through floral art. I believe that flowers were intended to bring comfort and joy. This is why they are utilized at weddings, births and funerals but for me they are so much more than words could ever say. They were and still are my connection with the Devine. They are my comfort and my joy. They restore my soul.

flowering vine, wnc native plant, wildflowers

Wild Flowering Vine

Hand crafted , wall vase, natural pottery

Wall Vase - holds water, Dancing Frog Studio

Flowers make me happy and I'm not the only one!

Thistle, wild flowers, WNC Flowers

Mountain Thistle and the Bumble Bee!

Natural Pods, Wildflowers, WNC flowers

Stunning wild seed pods

wild Solidego, local native mini catkins, wnc wildflowers

Wild Mountain Solidago and natural catkins

Few things in life, have the natural ability to heal and calm the spirit like nature. Every day I see these beautiful mountains and they are like a giant playground for me! All of our seasonal flowers come from local Asheville area farmers. Call today for a list of seasonally available flowers! Share the gift of nature with someone you love.

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