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What in Carnations!

Carnations are making a comeback & here are some great ways to use them!

Carnation, wedding bouquet, elopement flowers - Simple-I-Dos

In this bridal shoot with Mark Robertson of Simple-I-Do's - I paired fuchsia carnations with lambs ear, stock, and hydrangeas for texture and color. Not only are carnations hardy,they come in a wide variety of colors and they are a fraction of the cost of higher end flowers like Peony and Garden Roses. In fact - Carnations, when grouped together have a similar look to some Peony and Garden Rose varieties.

Wedding Bouquet image, roses, carnations

Don't get me wrong - Carnations are not always the easiest flower to work with. They can even be difficult at times! In a bridal bouquet like the one above they add soft waves of texture and fragrance. Just to give you an idea, where the rose may cost between $5 to $7 a stem, the carnation may only be $1.50 to $3.00 per stem depending on the grade and variety! In most cases the carnation will need to be wired at it's weakest point - the head of the flower.

Nosegay of Garden roses and carnations

Here carnations have been paired with Garden Roses and tree fern to create a nosegay style bouquet. The textures and colors compliment each other well. The Garden Rose - particularly the David Austin Varieties can cost between $8.00 and $12.00 per stem, again the carnation at $1.50 to $3.00 can provide a cost effective addition without losing the garden rose look.

Carnation & Peony bridal Bouquet, wedding flowers, wedding

Can you tell the difference between the Peony, the Camelia and the carnation in this Photo? My advise is to choose wisely when pairing carnations with other florals. The higher end flowers like roses, Peony, & Freesia elevate the look of the carnation. A Good wedding or event designer can help you make that distinction. Over the years and because of their price point, carnations are often found in funeral arrangements or as filler. But they are in fact just another beautiful flower and when paired correctly - they look lovely in weddings!

Mini Carnations, babies breath, Flowers, wedding , bouquet

Another design tip is to work with carnations in various hues and colors. However, it can be a slippery slope when combining carnations with other less expensive flowers like, babies breath, Aster, bakers fern, or even mums. Pairing and color do matter here. To many inexpensive flowers can begin to look pre-made or grocery store purchased. There is a difference when it comes to quality. The best part is - you shouldn't have to sacrifice your look or the quality of your event flowers. A good designer can work with any budget and still give you a big look. There is no need to get your bridal bouquet where you get your meat and eggs when it comes to your wedding day trust your florist!

cascading carnations, Floral backdrops, floral installations

One of my earliest memories is the smell of carnations. My Aunt had a best friend whose mother owned a flower shop. I could always smell the carnations as soon as we walked in the door. The scent was light, sweet and pleasant. Look how beautifully these carnations show in this waterfall installation! Carnations aren't cheap - there are simply inexpensive but with the right designer they can be exquisite! Check out other examples of how carnations are being used in this article from Martha Stewart Magazine! When in doubt - Ask Martha!

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