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Few things are more fun in this industry than a good theme! Having lived in Orlando Florida for more than half my life and having worked as a studio designer at Disney World - I'm a little partial to a good theme! Boy was I excited to get this Harry Potter inspired elopement with Mark Robertson of Simple - I - Do's. This guy can make a pop up wedding look like a million dollar photo shoot!

McKenzie Botanicals, Themed Wedding Bouquet, Harry Potter Themed Wedding,

Couples have so much freedom to be expressive today. Many are leaving the stuffy formality of tradition behind in favor of creative expression, less fuss and more fun! Congratulations Stephen and Christy. Gryffindor would be proud!

Harry Potter Themed Wedding, McKenzie Botanicals, Themed Wedding Flowers

Stunning Photos By Mark Robertson

I can't tell you how much fun our first vacation to Universal Studios was..but then when they opened the Harry Potter attraction Wow...just Wow! It was a pleasure to design your bouquet in more ways than one!! Wishing you both every happiness together.

Call us today! We love what we do. The best part is seeing how happy it makes our couples when their ideas come together!

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