It's The Happiest Day of His Life too.

Let's face it! Not every guy or girl know what to ask for when it comes men's arrangements. There is always so much fuss about the bride and rightfully so! But....Let's not forget the groom! He will want to look his best for the wedding as well.

I try to make it a point to recommend something special for our grooms in each wedding package! From local craft beer in the men's suite- to a special cut & shave at The Tapered Gentleman in Waynesville or even a tasting tour with the fellas at Elevated Mountain Distillery in Maggie Valley, NC. The boys should have their way as well! One of the things I love most about this area is the range of day trips and entertainment for everyone. If there are no drinkers in your group No problem - plan a visit for the boys at The Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum in Maggie Valley, NC. or...What about a brain teaser before saying I-Do? Book a trip to The Puzzle Room here in Maggie Valley! A morning hike, round of golf or some trout fishing might be nice as well. As for the flowers...

We love to get a little creative with what the fellas might wear! Here are a few of my favorite ideas for men's boutonnieres.

Nothing like Hops on a golf Te - to let them know you care!

Hops Boutonniere on a golf Te - Love this inspiration Photo!

or with his favorite beer cap!

Beer Cap Boutonniere - inspiration Photo

One of my personal favorites are natural Scabiosa Pods!

Fiddle Head Ferns are really cool too -

...And so are Pocket Inserts,

Pocket flowers for Boutonnieres - Men's flower image

and any kind of succulent!

Succulent Boutonniere image

I had so much fun making these Botanical Olive and Olive branch Boutonnieres for a wedding last November.

Botanical Olive and Rosemary Boutonnieres - McKenzie Botanicals

So just remember - fellas have plenty of options too! And when in doubt...Just ask Martha!

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