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Wedding Stress can Lead to Wedding Blues - Let's not let that Happen!

The truth is - There is a reason why the bridal / wedding industry requires a team of professionals. That being said - give yourself time and utilize them. Planning a wedding can be stressful. Venues fill up fast, they don't always offer the amenities you are looking for, there are time restrictions, other restrictions and lot's vendors to deal with to coordinate your event and make sure that everything goes off without a hitch! Then there's the dress, the hair, the makeup and the jewelry, the guest accomodations, RSVP's, caterer, cake, cocktails, and nuptials, officiant, flowers, honey do's and honeymoons. I didn't even mention the DJ, The Car, The Rehearsal Dinner or the Wedding Party Gifts.

Stressed Bride Image

It's really important that you begin the first day of the rest of your life, happy, healthy and in love. Here are a few simple words of advice - I have seen near and total disasters over the years and it is never worth it.

  1. Don't DIY - Instead - Do What you Can DWYC

  2. Pick up a Wedding Planning Guide Book. Even if you have an event planner, a simple wedding guide will help you know what to expect, it will give you ideas and things to consider that may get easily overlooked. And if you aren't hiring a planner - the book is a must!

  3. Give yourself time to plan and think things through a year will allow you the time to plan, pay things off as you go, get to know your vendors and hopefully find the venue that is perfect for you rather than what's still available. If you don't have a year - then stay on top of your planning. Be ready to move quickly.

  4. Hire Professionals / Planners - These are going to be the folks who plan, create and design weddings and events all day, everyday and have for years. They are going to know what type of Do is going to look good with your dress style. They are going to know when the bridal party should enter and when the DJ should announce the First Dance, They are going to know how to choose the flowers that work well with your style and you wont have to worry about them falling out of your bouquet as you're walking down the aisle.

  5. Meet Your Vendors, You can only tell so much about a space or a person's abilities on-line or over the phone. Weddings are not cheap and if you're going to the expense of booking an event you owe it to yourself and your significant other to make sure that your venue and your vendors have the skills and understanding to accommodate your needs.

  6. Ask Questions- Don't assume that anything is "included" some do and some don't -So Do your homework - you don't want to find out that it wasn't included when you're walking down the aisle!

Spend your money on a Honeymoon - NOT on a Therapist!

Wedding Therapist Image

NO - Seriously, budget a way to take a few days away together and relax after your wedding day. Even if it's in your own town or the next one over. It's important to start your lives together relaxed and happy, putting each other's needs first and the need to destress is a big one.

Even when the budget is unlimited, there is much to do and many couples feel pressured for everything to look and be perfect. To those couples I say...Define Perfect. If it works for you - then it's already perfect! Look at these fun budget friendly images...

Budget Friendly Wedding Image

LBGTQ Friendly Weddings

budget wedding options -image

Wedding in a park, Same Sex marriage, image

We support every couples right NOT to go insane on their wedding day! Please let us know if we can help with your wedding flowers, we do offer vendor recommendations and we work with all budgets and genres. Trust me - you will have the rest of your lives to go into debt together! Let's hold off on that as long as you can. We offer affordable wedding packages , rental items and payment options for all our couples. We support everyone's right to love and happiness.

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