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People ask me all the time about "my style" of design. There really isn't an answer for that. I love all forms and genres of floral design. I guess it could be said that I have some styles that I prefer over others - but if I had to make them everyday, something tells me that would change. Today's favorite is Boho - Chic Design. I love it because it breaks with the traditional tight, round wedding design that has been around for years. I truly believe that's the main reason I could never really work as a florist - I mean, I am - but it's different when you own your own shop. We are not nor will we ever be - God willing a conventional florist. We don't design out of FTD or Teleflora or 1-800 catalogues. It stunted my growth as a designer many years ago and I vowed never to simulate designs ever again. I love the freedom of working in as many different "styles" and genres as humanly possible.

Favorites are different. I favor the natural flowing style of Bohemian design like the wedding above that I did last year in November. I am a huge fan of the European style of natural garden design - Fresh as it were - natural not overly styled, designed or contrived. Having been at this for more than 20 years, I have seen the trends come, go & come back again with a new twist! I am first and foremost an event designer- which means - there is no set style - You bring your ideas to the table and we make it happen. The creativity is present, vital, and unresistant, like below in the garden gathered bouquet of natural wild flowers. Wild flowers are tall, spiky, short, delicate and unreasonable - there is no way to make them fit into the mold of a tight round design without clipping and altering the flowers. Part of our philosophy - it that flowers are most beautiful in their natural state. So...Let them be tall, short, spiky, and delicate!

Eco friendly, Wildflower wedding bouquet, McKenzie Botanicals

And, for me texture is everything! When I first started designing we were taught to group things in threes and fives, odd numbers with no line other than triangle, round or linear. All of that has changed for some us anyway. I prefer to color outside the lines. I think soft petals stand out against rocks, twigs and bark. I love fuzzy foliage with texture with delicate petals. Look how well this tree fern looks with soft Hydrangea blossoms. I used to despise tree fern. I had only seen it used with roses and babies breath - No wonder I couldn't stand it, but I like it below with billy balls and hydrangea

Textured bridal bouquet, WNC floral and event design, McKenzie Botanicals

Part of being a creative person, for me anyway is that I love new ideas, new textures, colors, combinations. Anything that sticks around to long can become boring. I am always inventing new ways of using familiar products. Even the most traditional flowers can have a new look when combined with something different - like the picture below with mini green hydrangea and scabiosa pods. I even used the foliage of the Daffodil for a garden cut look. Let us talk to you about your next event! Call today for your free consultation. We have a few spots left this year & we are continuing to fill up for 2019. We love what we do! I grew up working largely with tropicals. Take a look at the final photo from 2004! Let's play with flowers!!!

Scabiosa Pods, Hydrangea Flower, Custom Floral, McKenzie Botanicals, Wedding Flowers

Tropical from 2004 - I always got asked to create these enormous tropicals! They were never my favorite but they were fun and people in Kiawah Island and the Charleston area loved them! My point is- We've done it all and can't wait to do what we haven't done!!!

Tropical Centerpiece, Custom floral design, McKenzie Botanicals

Tropical Centerpiece, Charleston Country Club, McKenzie Botanicals

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