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How Important Are Trends?

For a Florist, Floral Artist or Wedding & Event Designer, trends set the tone of the year. I Personally, I follow trends regularly to stay current, to learn new information and techniques and to lead my clients in making informed decisions. That being said, After 30 years designing in locations all over the world trends, like many other items are coming back around. Perhaps the most exciting trend for me is the newly found freedom to be off trend! The ability for couples today - to break with tradition , has led to a revolution in the wedding industry! In many ways the wedding and event industry is the freshest, most fun and creative it has been in years. Casual is in - stuffy is out! Fun is in - Formal is optional. Now more than ever couples have the freedom to bring new ideas to the table. At long last couples can be silly -personalize-and create space that has meaning to them, that tells the story of who they are as a couple. I often post about making it personal. Using favors and décor that have meaning. Don't shy away from the inside joke - embrace it and share it with your friends and family! So- today, I was reading my normal wedding publications the ones I love most - and there it was in black and white!!Martha Stewart had an article about her favorite wedding centerpieces. Several were similar to blogs that I had published last year - I had to read the entire thing! You mean- I am not crazy for offering couples centerpieces in vintage tea and champagne tins? Here is my picture from last year....

Vintage Tin centerpiece, Wedding trends 2018, Mckenzie Botanicals

My thoughts at the time were that these beautiful tins are chic, affordable and a great way to customize the décor. Thank you Martha Stewart for the validation. My point is- if you are engaged and planning your wedding - Don't be afraid to follow your heart! One of my favorites - is a centerpiece designed in a roller skate! What! If you were a roller derby queen - would you have it any other way? Of course not! Weddings should celebrate the couples they represent - Not to sound like a broken record - But really - make it personal and if you are looking for a floral designer who isn't afraid to "think around the box" - One who can't imagine what the box was ever doing there to begin with - Then ....Hello! You found me :-)

Upcycled containers , Festive Centerpieces, McKenzie Botanicals

Take a look at Martha's 40 Favorite Wedding Centerpieces. I enjoy seeing the diversity in these. I love that "Grand" is now subjective. I love that each couple gets to decide what the definition of "Grand" might be! Enjoy!

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