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Don't Compete - Collaborate!

I have been trying to think of a way to broach this subject for weeks! Thanks to our friends at Mayesh, I now have something to share that I find to be inspiring. As some of you know one of my first big floral jobs was working as a studio designer for Disney, in Orlando Florida.

Collaboration is and was the key! With more than a 60 person sales staff, (and that was in the 90's), multiple destination weddings and events for clients all over the park, and a limited amount of time to pull it all together - we had to communicate to bring the clients ideas to life. The sales staff would often contract the floral work , which is where I came in. By the way ,Pinterest wasn't a thing then - so with little more than the initial meeting- where containers and props were laid out and chosen, based on the clients theme or style - we had a list with a number of items per table and a list for type of flowers and color pallet - That was it! There was a mock walk through in which the design was approved or more was to be added or the sales staff may have said less greenery and then we designed until our fingers hurt. We often designed 200 of one type of floral piece. We had a lead designer usually hired by the client - who was tasked with the job of overseeing each segment of the event and then - Magic!

Creative professionals

One of the things I miss most about how I started in this industry is the Collective, Collaboration between creative members. I learned so much from each design expert. I wouldn't be the designer that I am today, had I not worked with literally some of the world's top designers and stylist. The energy of each event was simply amazing and each event was executed flawlessly - there was no other option!

When a bride hires a planner or stylist - in my mind, that couple is expecting their wedding or event to be flawlessly executed. There have been many instances where I have had to offer multiple solutions to a stylist, I have had to look tirelessly for a particular container, shape or color - but once that lightbulb goes on... the stage is set for the clients dreams to be realized. The stylist and the florist must develop a working relationship which hopefully equals more business and the creative challenge has landed a worthy account!

Wild Foraged Design - McKenzie Botanicals

I had a recent bride who insisted on wild foraged, native florals and plants. Thank Goodness for our local native plant growers! I can't say enough about how important it is to work together with other artists and designers. I have friend florist and other event designers who inspire me. I am grateful for those who have more success than me because they push me to try new things and work harder. I hope that I never get stuck creatively - and for me, that means thinking- I don't need to learn anything more. Once I have arrived at that conclusion, when I think I know everything there is to know about floral design, and when I begin to see all other designers are my competition rather than my colleagues - It will be time to for me to retire! But that will never happen because we love what we do way to much! Please enjoy this video presented by Mayesh Design Star Kaylee Young.

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