Featured Artist: Ansie Budde Holman

Our featured artists this month is local potter, Ansie Holman. I first met Ansie in the grocery store while waiting for my deli selection. Maybe it was her warm, wonderful smile or the look in her eyes that registered as kind, caring and engaging - but we struck up a conversation and Ansie had a lasting impression on me. Some months later I viewed her website and it all made sense!

There was a deeper bond between us that we didn't even know we shared. That bond is the love of nature and the joy that it brings into the lives and hearts of those who appreciate it.

"From the Northeast corridor of the United States and corporate life to the mountains of Western North Carolina and potter! Change! The constants…wife to a wonderful husband, mom to three wonderful kids, grandmother to a delightful assortment of grandchildren, a garden, and a love of people, critters and beautiful things. Always I have had my hands in the dirt…at age 3 planting and nurturing marigolds and pansies in the family garden patch. Always I have loved little critters. My first pets were earthworms that I dug up and housed in a dirt-lined shoe box, sprinkled with blades of grass. From there to frogs and turtles. And always a collector of beautiful things!"

Ansie Holman Pottery at McKenzie Botanicals

Ansie's work is featured in our gift gallery - Her work is vibrant and full of life much like the artist. These Poppy Garden Stakes retail for $40.00 each and would make a stunning addition to any garden or outdoor space. They capture beautifully the vibrant yet fragile characteristics of the poppy flower. For me, they serve as a reminder that mankind's relationship with nature is also fragile and must forever be nurtured.

Ansie Holman pottery at McKenzie Botanicals

I fell in love with this piece while visiting Ansie in her home. The floral imprint was from the Liatris flower - which I believe Ansie grew in her own garden. This Server is food safe and would retail for $75.00. It can be delivered as a gift all on it's own or combined with a floral arrangement, using the flowers that made this lovely impression.

Ansie Holman Pottery  at McKenzie Botanicals

I am a huge fan of ferns - What a lovely gift for a bridal shower or for a wedding with a botanical theme! In addition to these featured trays and platters, Ansie has a gorgeous assortment of vases, mugs, bowls and butterflies that gracefully and genuinely express her love of natural & beautiful things.

It is our privilege and our joy to share the captivating beauty and work of this local, Waynesville Artist. We will gladly custom design your flowers in a vase that has been curated by Ansie Holman.

I deeply trust that art is meant to be shared and celebrated. It is the purest expression of our higher selves. We choose local artists because we want to share the authenticity of their work and their unique contribution to the world with you. You simply can't find these one of a kind pieces at Ross or TJ Maxx but you can always find them here at McKenzie Botanicals.

Table Tile Dragonfly - Ansie Holman

Love this little Dragonfly - what a cool idea for a custom table marker - or wedding favor!

We honor artists who have a genuine love for their crafts. I would like to believe that it was our mutual love of nature, it's beauty, and the healing joy that it brings that caused Ansie and I to end up next to each other in that deli line...Well, that is what I believe.

We appreciate the talents and skills that artists like Ansie bring into this world and we hope that you will too. Thank you Ansie for your unique contribution. You can see more of Ansie's work by clicking here. http://ansieholmanpottery.com/index.html

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