Gettin' to know you, Gettin' to know all about you. Gettin' to like you, Gettin' to

I'm no Bing Crosby but I do know how important it is to know the folks you do business with! It has been a lifetime dream of mine to get back to a community where people know one another. Maybe it's my small town roots or maybe I just enjoy people but it hardly seems enough just to sell someone something.

pink unique garden rose

Don't get me wrong - I love to make sales , but what I love even more is knowing that my customer came to me with a specific need and I nailed it! I love the satisfaction that comes from not just meeting -but exceeding someone's expectations. I'll admit that I feel great when I can see the" Ah- ha" moment on a clients face where they go from trying to explain to me what they want... to yes, yes, yes, that's exactly it ..and then getting to expand on those ideas and bring something personal to the experience.

McKenzie Botanicals - Boho-Chic Wedding , Olive branch & Rosemary Boutonnierres

For me - understanding my client is the difference between working for someone and working with someone through a process of creative exchange. I have been floral designer for half my life. I have been privileged to worked on projects with some of the world's top designers, I've been featured in floral magazines, I've been paid to travel and set up showrooms at convention centers around the United States. In many ways I love what I am doing today more than ever before in my career! Today, I have the experience of having worked within many different genres, across years of trends, lifestyles and locations. I have access to resources like farms, vendors and artists that have become lifelong friends. I get to champion my passion for nature and botanical design and focus on what means the most to me.

Tina McKenzie - Newton Farms - Kiawah Island, SC

As the owner, I have creative autonomy - I'm not limited to someone else's vision or lack thereof. I'm not limited to certain types of flowers over and over again and I can share the fullness of my creativity with my floral customers by offering unique varieties of flowers and plants, locally & regionally sourced, eco friendly, and handcrafted local items. I get to choose interesting combinations, timeless traditions and oddities. I get to buy local and offer my support to flower farmers who grow amazing product.

Let's get to know each other! I want to be your local florist, the person who knows that your mom likes lavender roses on her birthday - or - that your signature look for your realty clients is an all white floral bouquet. I even want to know that your wife can't stand lilies! Most importantly, I want you to know that whatever your floral needs, from weddings & events to life's daily special occasions, we've got you covered! Enjoy the link below on how to choose a florist for your wedding or event.

McKenzie Botanicals with The Pennington Co. Photography

Sit back, relax, trust, & enjoy!

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