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Rustic, Natural, Beauty

It always amazes me how much life there is a simple fallen leaf, a worn piece of wood, or a patch of soft, moss covered earth. But; It's the contrast between humankind and nature that heightens my creativity. There are many different types of designers who all do beautiful work. Our passion at McKenzie Botanicals is the relationship between the elements of nature and the contrast between masculine and feminine. Those who follow our work will see this theme often. I have been known to pair soft petals and berries or twigs, the result is a strong contrast which makes each item stand out all the more.

McKenzie Botanicals with Angela Kim & Mark Roberts Photography

I was always taught that art mimics nature and that the contrast of color and texture are what make a truly great work of art. Rustic Chic is one of many design forms that just happens to be one of my favorites!

Eco Friendly Florals - McKenzie Botanicals

We take many aspects of your wedding or event into account when designing your florals and I welcome those couples who like to "Think Beyond The Vase" and put their own personalities into their event. You can never share to much information with your designer. Let us know what you like, where you like to hang out, all of these ideas play into who you are and the type of bride or groom you may be. The more I know the more I can work your personality into your event.

Eco-Friendly wedding design, rustic - Chic Wedding flowers, natural wedding

Angela Kim Designs

Wedding flowers, rustic wedding , outdoor wedding
Mark Robertson Photography, Wedding Halos, Rustic wedding

Call today for your complimentary wedding consultation. We still have a few dates available in 2019 and are currently booking 2020. All The Best!

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