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Thanksgiving Specials!

We love to share the gifts of nature with others & you can too! Historically, people sent flowers as a way to communicate emotions - the same is true today! If you've been invited to a Thanksgiving Feast but you can't attend - Send flowers! Flowers are a great way to let your friends and loved ones know how truly thankful you are to have them in your life - even if you can't be there. Take a look at our custom Thanksgiving Centerpieces - we deliver! You may want something special on your own table, especially if you've invited guests. We're happy to help. Call today,(828)-356-5598.

McKenzie Botanicals Thanksgiving Special #1

Special # 1, "Ever Thankful" - Natural White Pumpkin, surrounded by light white florals, silver sage, rosemary, and assorted natural greens, designed in ceramic - $55.00

McKenzie Botanicals Succulent Special #2

Special #2 - "Simply Succulent" ,Committed to quality - This plump little succulent has been lovingly planted in our own special mix of organic potting soil. The container is one of our "new" pyramid shaped 1/2 in. thick glass terrariums. This low maintenance planter only requires misting about once a week and it's the perfect contemporary holiday gift that will last well beyond Thanksgiving! $45.00.

McKenzie Botanicals Terrarium Dimensions

Dimensions are 7"x 6" x 4"

Special # 3 - "Bountiful Bliss", natural pumpkins, Hydrangea, Scabiosa blossoms, Olive Branch and other assorted botanicals designed in a rustic basket make this Thanksgiving Centerpiece a beautiful addition to any table. Order yours today! $65.00

Top View - Lush texture!

Floral Disclaimer:

Because we are a custom design studio, all flowers are seasonal and subject to change. We strive to offer our clients Unique, Quality, Upscale Items that are keepsake worthy- and tailored to meet each customer's needs, rather than a paint by numbers remake of a mass produced floral arrangement.

Holiday Specials will appear similar to what is pictured. The quality, quantity and content will be intact. We hope that you will truly enjoy the custom floral that we have created just for you.

Please add water daily to basket arrangements, Clip the stems and add clean water every few days to vased arrangements. Each of our plants come with care instructions & we are always available to answer any questions you may have about your botanical gifts.

"Sharing the gifts of nature through botanical expression, floral artistry, & event design".

McKenzie Botanicals


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