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Elegant & Versatile Rentals

My Personal Favorite, The French Cloche - This bell shaped beauty has been around for centuries protecting vegetation from the cold of winter and decorating our world with it's timeless elegance. In most designer retail stores the cloche, depending on size can be found to sell between $40 & $160 dollars. That can get a bit steep when you have 12 or more tables to decorate! Our midsize Cloche rents for $24.00 and can be decorated anyway you like & for any season! Here are a few of the many ways they can be utilized to create a unique and stunning look for your wedding or event!

Winter Wonderland Cloche - Google

Winter Wonderland Cloche - Google Image

Woodland Cloche - McKenzie Botanicals

Woodland Cloche- McKenzie Botanicals

Spring Bulb Cloche - Google

Spring Bulbs & Botanical Treasures Cloche - Google Image

Themed Wedding Beauty & The Beast - McKenzie Botanicals

Themed Wedding -Beauty & The Beast - McKenzie Botanicals

Succulent Cloche - Google Image

Succulents & Curiosities - Google

Fall Pumpkin in Cloche - Google

Fall - Pumpkin in Cloche - Google

Rentals are a great way to cut costs without missing out on the look you want. If you'd like to purchase these items they can be used as raffle prizes, door prizes or parting favors for your guests.

"Winter Spring, Summer or Fall all you've got to do is call"......& we will be there to help you custom design your wedding or event, we have an incredible selection of glass, votives, hanging orbs, vases and containers to help build the look you want. Contact us today!

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