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Featured Artists of the Month

Meet our featured artists for this month Stacey & PJ. These guys are exactly the kind of artists that we seek to promote and whose products we feel privileged to carry! Regionally located in Decatur, Georgia - they had a dream and they went for it! Not only did they do it but they are doing it extremely well, using quality natural materials like soy and hemp to make their candles all while reducing waste by using recycled bottles from their favorite craft beers! Everyone Benefits from these crafty candle makers. Their Illuminations are truly exceptional - as are Stacey & PJ. I can't say enough about the packaging and the quality, burn length and Lasting fragrance of these candles - Get Yours today at McKenzie Botanicals! By the way...these make great gifts for your family, friends & bridal party.


Their Story!

"Lit Up Illuminations was founded by two beer lovers with a candle-making problem on a mission to promote sustainability and upcycling.

Beer bottles collected from local events and businesses are hand-cut, hand-sanded, hand-polished and cleaned.

We attach a sustainable hemp wick then hand pour all- natural soy wax blended with the maximum amount of fragrance (almost double the recommended amount), giving our candles the best throw possible and a long burn time. Cheers!"

With a burn time of 60 hours and fragrances that will keep you coming back for more - We are super happy to offer this new candle line! Enjoy the full list of collections and fragrances on our Gifts & Good Things page!

hand crafted candles, Craft beer candles, candles, Lit-Up candles, McKenzie Botanicals Gifts

And Now, These two love birds are tying the knot! We are super excited to create the wedding florals for these two! What better place for two craft beer lovers to be WED than Asheville!

recycled, upcycled, handcrafted, candles & gifts

Hosted by Hidden River Events, Their ceremony will take place in early June. This amazing couple has chosen a warm but vibrant color pallet which totally reflects their vibrant and warm personalities. We are so excited for them and we can't wait to see what this candle creating couple will come up with next!

Horsing around collection, Lumberjack collection, craft beer candles

Purchase your Lit- Up Illumination with your flowers & receive a $5.00 Discount!(offer valid-May 1, 2019) You won't believe how great these candles are until you try them!

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