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Locally Sourced Goodness!

We love to support our local farms. Western North Carolina is brimming with all natural wild flowers and foliage. In addition we have a host of farm fresh, seasonal flowers produced by top growers like Poppins Posies, East Sylva Flower Farm, Flourish, and Pisgah Blooms!

Pisgah blooms, locally sourced flowers, seasonal flower farms

We make it a point to buy local, whenever and wherever possible.Most weeks we carry 3 to 5 seasonal, locally sourced items like the ones below!

McKenzie Botanicals Organically grown flowers

Zinnia, Cosmos, Calendula, Monte Casino & Foliage Grown in our own Organic Flower Garden at McKenzie Botanicals. Stock, Fuji Mums & Hydrangea - Imported.Broom Corn, Mexican Sunflowers, Amaranthus and Calendula - locally grown!

Locally Sourced Flowers

The hit of the season will be our local Dahlias! With so many colors and varieties to choose from, they make a gorgeous focal flower for our clients.

Locally sourced Dahlia, Leatherwood Farms, Dahlia Season

There is something brilliant about locally sourced product. Not only does is support local agriculture and help stimulate the local economy, It supports people in our community who love what they do. It allows farmers and growers to share their love of the natural world and share the gifts of nature with all of us.

Wild Chickory bloom, wild foraged, locally sourced

As the season slows and winter moves in, we turn to our regional growers. A vast network of American Farmers with beautiful flowers. And yes! for the bride who absolutely has to have Peony in December, we import! We work with import farms who are certified Rainforest Safe, and utilize sustainable growing practices. The flower is only one aspect of the growing process. We believe in earth friendly practices that ensure healthy soil and proper land use.

Oregon Grown Dahlia, Regionally sourced, American Flowers

In fact our Oregon farm, with whom I have been working for more than 15 years is amazing! They use solar heat sources throughout the farm and extreme measures are taken with soil and water reclamation. Maybe that's why the flowers are so gorgeous!! Our focus is on quality and freshness - The cost is not always better from local sources. In some cases it's actually more, but worth the cost in the quality of the product. In other cases the flowers are not overpriced but the shipping can be outrageous! The advantage is in knowing that the flowers are the freshest, most cared for flowers ever! We hope you will enjoy the experience of locally sourced flowers.

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