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Botanical By Nature

What Does it mean to be a botanical boutique?




adjective bo·tan·i·cal \ bə-ˈta-ni-kəl \

As an adjective the word Botanical simply means, of or relating to plants or botany. (Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Google image of Helleborus




As a noun the word Botanical refers to,

:a plant part or extract used especially in skin and hair care products; also :a medicinal preparation derived from a plant -( Merriam Webster Dictionary ).

We chose to be a Botanical Boutique because of what it means to us. Plants & chemicals derived from plants have long been used by ancient cultures, but no more so than today in our modern culture. Botanicals have been used to bring health, beauty, vitality & well being to those who were fortunate enough to have access to them and that is still true today.

Today cosmetic companies are making millions of dollars by selling natural products to consumers who desperately want to be healthy. The more natural a product the more expensive and high end it's considered to be.

We want to offer our customers quality, natural products at quality, natural prices! In addition to our natural florals & botanical design platform - we offer and deliver a wide variety of natural soaps , handmade pottery, and natural soy candles. The candle line is simply amazing! Visit our Gifts & Good Things Gallery for bridal gifts, thank you gifts, birthdays, or any occasion!

Botanical Flowers and Herbs -Google Images

It is our belief that plants, flowers and natural gifts are life and health affirming. We are a botanical boutique because we care about what we offer our clients. We are committed to carrying products that are pleasant to give or receive and bring joy to those around them.

This is why more than 80% of our products down to the vases and containers we use are made of all natural and recycled materials.

Our pottery is created by local & regional potters who use natural clays and glazes. Our soaps use natural essential oils and plant based materials - Nothing harmful is ever tested on animals. Our candles are soy based, hand poured, and use natural essential oils. We strive to bring our customers small batch, quality products and support the local artists who create these good things! It's what we do! - "We Share The Gifts of Nature Through Art & Design". Contact us today to find out more about our services. All natural & amazing - locally produced Skin Care Line.

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In addition to flowers and plants we carry the best plant based skin care and gardening line! Local crafter ZenJen Skin is always available, because I use it personally! Here products are among the best I have used and they work! Let us deliver something extra special with your flowers next time you order!

Lit Up , Iluminations, Candles, All natural soy candles

Call us today! We deliver smiles, and the gifts of nature. (828)-356-5598 or (828)-9440636.

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