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Celebrate Your Own Unique Style!

I am a huge fan of custom design work, part of the reason we delight in offering our clients locally sourced flowers - is that they are unique to this region and extraordinary...Just like our clients.

Bird Nest Bouquet - Pintrest

Just as every leaf, flower and snowflake leaves it's own unique impression, we want our clients to have designs that reflect who they are! I was taught that movement and texture are key elements in design. We strive to create natural floral art that will leave a lasting impression with you and your guests. As a designer, I get excited when my clients "dare to be different".

Minimalist Grouping Technique - Google Image

Trends are great but without diversity and variety everything begins to look the same. The trick is to have a concept in mind and then find a designer who can expand on it. I love ultra modern completely over the top floral art - The more outrageous the better! Avant Garde (YES)! Real design work is thankfully making a comeback as we move away from the stronghold of 1+800 mania that has swept through the floral industry like wildfire. My hope is that florist and consumers have finally had their fill of the paint by number Teleflora manufactured floral design. It's one thing to be inspired by someone else's design work and quite another to copy or duplicate it. Remember - that photos should be inspirational! you still want your designer to design so if a traditional round handheld is not for you - no problem! It is much more exciting to create a one of a kind custom floral piece.

Traditional Round Bouquet - Google Image

Here are some inspiration photos to consider for those brides who may want to break from tradition.

Avant Garde Bridal Bouquet - Google image

I love how this oversized cascade combines the masculine elements of metal and the feminine elements of soft cream roses and orchids - Stunning!

Whimsical Bridal Bouquet - Google image

In this bouquet, I like how the absence of green foliage combined with the soft hues of grey, lavender and blue created a whimsical masterpiece that has life and texture all it's own - Fabulous!

Woodland Bridal Bouquet - Google Image

Just WOW! The contrast of this amazing natural woodland floral purse against the soft flowing, chiffon ruffles of this brides gown are brilliant. You can be sure that the guests at this wedding are still talking about how stunning her flowers were! Whatever your unique style, whether traditional or Avant Garde, We want to give you a design for your wedding that looks like you!

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