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Choose Your Wedding Flowers Wisely

We all love those big, lusciosos blooms on the cover of bridal magazines right? Of course we do they're Gorgeous!! There are a few things you should be aware of when ordering flowers: #1 Out of season flowers: Not all flowers, as seen in Pinterest and in various publications are available year round. Your import flowers may be more expensive, they will be shipped in from across the globe and will need extra care and extra time to hydrate. #2 While all flowers are beautiful, not all flowers are practical. For example - if you are getting married in Florida, I wouldn't choose Hydrangea. The heat is unbearable for Hydrangea. We have a huge Dahlia season here in Western North Carolina. Sadly Dah

How Important Are Trends?

For a Florist, Floral Artist or Wedding & Event Designer, trends set the tone of the year. I Personally, I follow trends regularly to stay current, to learn new information and techniques and to lead my clients in making informed decisions. That being said, After 30 years designing in locations all over the world trends, like many other items are coming back around. Perhaps the most exciting trend for me is the newly found freedom to be off trend! The ability for couples today - to break with tradition , has led to a revolution in the wedding industry! In many ways the wedding and event industry is the freshest, most fun and creative it has been in years. Casual is in - stuffy is out! Fun is

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